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The Lodging is not responsible for theft or damage caused to the vehicles left on the parking site. The Lodging Clients are advised to make sure their vehicles are properly locked and secured. It is also recommended not to leave any personal belongings in the vehicle.

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The Lodging is not liable for damages caused by the Client to the third parties in the Lodging parking site or garages. The Client is obliged to behave so as to prevent damage to human health, property, nature and the environment.

Accommodation at the Račice Chateau for tourists and sports-minded families

The Lodging recommends that the Client, even when staying in the room, locked the front door. The Client must check for closed windows and doors before leaving the room. The Lodging is not responsible for any damage caused outside its premises.

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  • From ghosting to oversharing: the new rules of breakups?
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  • Food service and sale of alcoholic beverages Consumption of alcoholic beverages not purchased at the Lodging is forbidden. Cooking is allowed in the kitchen only, doing so in other rooms of the Lodging is forbidden. The Client is obliged to notify the Lodging staff of any serious medical restrictions. These restrictions must be reported prior to the check-in.

    General terms and conditions Clients are not permitted to receive visits at the premises of the Lodging or allow entry to the premises of the Lodging to unaccommodated third parties.

    Clients must not relocate any furnishings in the room and in the Lodging premises without a consent of the Lodging management, and must not perform any interventions in the electric power network or other installations. The Clients are not allowed to use their own electric appliances in the Lodging, particularly in the room. This does not apply for electric appliances serving to personal hygiene of the Client electric shaver, massager, hair dryer, etc.

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    Clients are not allowed to bring into the rooms things like sporting goods, prams or bicycles, for which the Lodging has earmarked other places. Information regarding such places shall be given at the front desk. For the damage caused to the property despite this ban, the Client will be charged in full.

    In case of violation of this ban the Lodging is entitled to charge the Client a penalty in the amount of CZK for each violation. In case that the damage caused is higher, the Lodging reserves the right to charge for the damage in full. Smoking is allowed outside in designated Lodging premises only. The rooms are strictly non-smoking. The rooms are fitted with smoke detectors connected to the central security system. Unauthorized manipulation with smoke detectors and other security features is prohibited.

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    There is a strict ban on the use of any narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. The Lodging is entitled to inform the Police immediately and cancel the accommodation of the Client, who violated this prohibition, without compensation. Dogs and other pets can only be accommodated at the Lodging on approval of Lodging Executive or based on previous agreement between the Client and the Lodging, provided their owner proves their good health condition.

    The accommodation of dogs and other pets is subject to the following measures: Dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter premises in which food is stored and prepared or meals and drinks are served.

    Accommodation Rules and Cancellation Conditions

    In all public Lodging premises each dog must be on a leash and must be muzzled. Dogs or other pets must not be fed from inventory used for preparation or serving food to Clients. In case any damage to the facilities of the Lodging is caused by a pet, the Client is obliged to pay for the damage in full. The Lodging reserves the right to charge the Client for any direct and indirect cleaning costs exceeding the amount mentioned above to full extent. The Lodging also reserves the right to charge the Client for the bedding used for the rest of pets.

    Client will be charged for the bedding in full. Cleaning and check of the room where the Client is staying with a pet, must be allowed so that neither staff nor other Lodging Clients are endangered. Before leaving the Client is obliged to close the taps, turn off the light in the room, close the balcony doors if the room has one, close windows, lock the doors. For the loss of the key the Lodging will charge the amount of CZK per piece. Clients are obliged to dispose the litter in the designated containers in reserved places.

    For safety reasons the Lodging recommends not to leave the children under 12 years old unattended neither in the room nor in other Lodging premises. The Client must respect the quiet time between 10 p. With the approval of the Operator Head of the Lodging or other representative social events may be organized after 10 p. Throughout the day, it is forbidden to produce excessive noise in the Lodging premises. If the client is producing excessive noise, he will be warned by the staff of the Lodging to stop doing so, otherwise this will be taken as a gross violation of these accommodation rules.

    The Client is neither allowed to carry any weapons or ammunition in the Lodging premises, nor keep them in a condition allowing their immediate use. Complaints and possible improvement suggestions of Clients are accepted by the Lodging management.

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    • There is a question form at the front desk available. Disputes arising from these Accommodation Rules shall be resolved by the courts in the Czech Republic. If you want to keep in touch with anyone, message them individually. Odds are, if you are a similar age and live near each other, it is going to happen. Then pour yourself a stiff drink. Breakups are a normal part of life, and most functioning, healthy adults are equipped to deal with them, meaning that therapy is not necessary.

      If the issues related to your breakup were sexual in nature, Saddington suggests that you see a sex therapist, so you are in a better position to start any new relationship. Ghosting has never been less acceptable. Dating apps Bumble and Badoo both recently announced that they would be cracking down on ghosting. Badoo even plans to introduce auto-prompted Dear John messages, allowing ghosters to let down their ghostees gently.

      Social media and online dating have effectively made people digitally disposable, but ghosting can create lasting hurt, even if it is done through a screen. Routine ghosters may want to consider what is driving their behaviour. That will probably show up in your future relationships. Ghosting is for the more cowardly, but the message does get delivered. Otherwise it is fine to end things via text or instant messaging, if that is how you usually stay in touch.

      If you are upset and hurt by the breakup, those feelings are legitimate, regardless of whether or not the relationship was official. You can form a romantic connection with someone in a moment, a month, or a year — and having that connection terminated will always feel like a body blow. If you are the person doing the breaking up, tread carefully, and be kind: Handle it roughly and it will smash into smithereens.

      Treat it carefully and, even if it breaks, they will be able to fix it so well that you would never even know. You are suddenly single again. Should you steer clear of social media? Is it ever a good idea to like posts by an ex? Dating Social media Sex Women features.